Why Are Flies Attracted To Poop

It is frequent to see flies hovering around dog waste or trash cans, but no one ever thinks about why there are flies on poop and why they lay eggs on it. Flies like moist organic stuff, and they feed on decomposing things; therefore, they enjoy dung.

They lay their eggs in it, and their larvae will grow there since it contains all of the nutrients they require. In addition, flies are attracted to poop as it can provide food for certain adult flies.

However, because different species are attracted to moist organic material as food sources, not all flies prefer feces. Some are drawn to ripe fruit, some to meat leftovers, and yet others to milk products or yeast. House flies are the only two species that are attracted to feces:

Flies can only digest material that is in a liquid form, which is why you’ll only see them on fresh excrement (and why they dissolve solids with saliva or stomach acids). Also, flies are only drawn to the feces of larger vertebrates, not their own.

If you have dogs, you may occasionally forget to pick up their feces and dispose of it properly. Perhaps you spotted flies circling about the stool after leaving the dog feces in the yard for a while.

Flies Attracted To Poop

Although poop can be a disgusting topic to some and can make you want to avoid dog poop more, it’s handy to understand what attracts flies? (Learn How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With Hydrogen Peroxide)

In our guide, you can find more here for this informational and educational purpose of why do flies eat poop? By the end, you’ll be armed with information on why do flies like poop and what you can do to keep flies and other insects away from it and from around your home.

Why Flies Gather Around Poop?

Even though it’s perplexing how something as repulsive as feces can attract other organisms, we’ve all seen it attract a swarm of flies.

Feces contain a variety of lipids and minerals that provide all the nutrients houseflies need to survive.

However, not all flies are drawn to feces. The common house flies and flesh flies are the only species that seem to enjoy it.

The fragrance and nutrients of rotting or decaying organic matter, a term for excrement, are very appealing as these insects have a keen sense of smell and can detect it from a long distance.

Adult flies don’t just eat dung or other organic materials. Instead, the fly will deposit hundreds of eggs on top of it while it is still moist and warm, thus using it as a breeding ground for them.

When the larvae emerge from their eggs, they will be directly on top of the meal, with all the nutrition they require. Therefore, if you notice a large number of flies congregating in one area, remove their food supply or, in most cases, the decaying matter.

Flies aren’t drawn to just dog feces as any fresh animal feces will attract flies. Instead, flies are drawn to the moist decaying matter because it suits their purpose. Flies like to feed on decomposing stuff, and dog excrement makes the ideal place to lay their eggs.

Fruit flies, for example, take a completely different technique and are not such a problem as the fly landed on your lunch in your home. (Find the Best Pet Friendly Ant Killers)

Dispose of the Flies Food Source

You can see why flies like poop, and you may wonder, do flies poop? Of course, they do, but it won’t be much of a problem like your dog poops. To stop the flies, you need to get rid of the dog poop.

Feces has vast amounts of dead and alive bacteria, fats, proteins, indigestible carbohydrates, minerals, and trace amounts of other nutritious goodies flies are attracted to that humans have no interest in.

With no moist organic material around that flies like, humans can cut down on the number of flies around the yard.

Dealing with dog poops as soon as possible is the right way to go, and the fun fact is, it isn’t only flies that find dog poop attractive.

The longer dog feces sits on the ground; the more probable flies will arrive. Wait too long, and you’ll have flies flying around the dog feces.

Many dog owners choose to walk their dogs with plastic baggies; thus, you can dispose of the dog excrement using plastic bags without touching it.

It is easy to put the excrement in the outdoor trash, and if the garbage can has a tight-fitting lid, you can keep the flies out.

Here are other ways you can deal with flies attracted to your dog’s poop.

Avoid Flies by burying dog poo

Bury Dog Poop

You could also choose to bury the dog excrement if that is more practical. This procedure can dispose of dog excrement on your property.

You’ll need to do this rapidly to avoid flies. Then, use a garden shovel to bury the excrement where the dog poop will disintegrate underground.

Plant Fly Repelling Plants

You could grow some plants that repel flies around your property. However, you should also ensure that the plants you use aren’t hazardous to dogs.

Popular fly repellant plants include marigolds, lavender, and basil, and plant these about your house to keep flies away.

Plant near your dog walking locations, and it can keep flies from infecting your dog’s excrement, and thus you can deal with the dog poop without a swarm of flies around.

Fly Repellent Sprays

Some individuals use fly repellent sprays to keep flies at bay. These do work nicely for keeping flies off your porch or deck.

Some may elect to sprinkle the dog excrement with fly repellent to keep the flies away. You can even use bug spray to the same effect and kill them as they feed.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Where a fly lands, flies feed on organic matter such as fresh poop and lay their eggs. So, getting rid of food sources in or around your home is the way to go. Empty trash bins and remove fallen leaves. (Read Plants To Repel Flies)

Deal with dead plants and wood, and don’t leave them rotting outdoors. Picking up the dog poop that flies like should be the first thing so larvae can’t hatch and eat the poop food.

It can be an excellent time to check the remote parts of your yard as dead animals are another thing that gets the flies’ digestive juices flowing as they eat their liquid diet.

Use Flytraps

Consider placing fly traps around your property. You can buy commercial flytraps or make your own. Fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap, and food bits to attract flies.

Why Are Flies Attracted To Poop

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