How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wood Chipper

Once you undertake any large garden project, you will find it can be hard work, tiresome and you need a large number of tools.

The same can be said for any DIY or home improvement project you have around the home. While you can have your power tools that run off air compressors, and for many, it is worth purchasing pressure washers.

However, there are times that some equipment isn’t worth a purchase. A floor sander for hardwood floor care, scissor lifts for reaching high up the side of your home and boom lifts to prune the tops of your large shrubs and trees.

Renting a Wood Chipper

You can find many more bits of equipment as you glance at the gallery image. One that can make work much easier in the garden is a wood chipper.

Renting a wood chipper isn’t merely picking one without some research, or using cost as an indicator.

These are serious bits of kit, so here, you can learn all about your wood chipper rental before you start to call and ask United Rentals if they have a Sun Joe chipper.

Why Do I Need a Wood Chipper?

Once you are working in your garden, you can find countless pieces of equipment designed for specific outdoor jobs. All of them have their pros and cons, and as we saw, it can be worth purchasing some if you have repeated used.

You may wonder why you need to rent a chipper.

It is a plain and straightforward answer. You can use the best lawn equipment without too much effort. However, when you have a mountain of garden waste comprising branches and old shrubs, this will take countless trips to the landfill to dispose of, and even then, it won’t be easy.

Besides this, if you need to pay for your disposal, then it makes financial sense as the cost to rent can be much less than driving back and forth, and paying to dump your waste.

To get your money’s worth, it is best to look for wood chippers for rent, when you have a lot of stuff to get rid of. They can make light work of the hardest jobs, you can have your lawn, garden, and every other area cleared up in less than a day.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Wood Chipper?

As you saw earlier, you need to know a few things about renting a wood chipper, or you could end up getting the wrong sort for the work you are doing.

Engine: All wood chippers have a power rating, and more substantial means the more powerful. Besides this, you have the internal dimensions that can show the capability of the machine to the size of the branches it can take.

Ratio of Reduction: With this, you can see how much waste you end up with after you finish. When you rent a wood chipper, these are generally 10:1. Thus, every ten containers of waste, you get one final chipped container.

Feed Types: You can find manual feed or automatic feed. Manual means you still need to exert effort as the branches need pushing. Automatic is the best wood chipper rental option by far. You can also add the throat size here. The larger the throat, the larger the wood debris and the thicker the diameter feed tunnel to the blades.

Weight and Size: Once you see a wood chipper for rent, you will need to check, you don’t need any licensing for the transport. If it is too large, you can find your costs accumulate unexpectedly.

Power: You can find a few power generation modes for chippers depending if they are industrial and the type of work they will be in use for. You can choose electric wood chippers, gas-powered or diesel. An electric wood chipper will be quieter, yet you do need a heavy-duty extension for them.

Powerhorse ChipperShredder - 212cc OHV Engine, 3in. Chipping Capacity

Types of Chippers

Once you begin to look at chipper shredder rental, you can find three common types. While there are slight differences in the feed, you begin to see the difference in the blades.

Rotating blades are often used on your gas or diesel-powered wood chippers as they cut larger tree limbs.

If you are shredding wood, these blades (flails) are not as sharp and can shred smaller diameter twigs. These come with smaller motors, and you can find that an electric wood chipper shredder would fall into this category.

A brush chipper is more for home use as you may have greenery you need to cut up.

Equipment rental will comprise these three types of chippers:

  • Disk chippers: use cutting wheels to make smaller chips
  • Drum chippers: accept larger branches and thus produce thick wood chips
  • Screw chippers: large and use hydraulic pressure, and mostly used by landscapers

How Much is a Wood Chipper?

You can spend around $100 per day on a wood chipper, or it is possible to pay $400 for a week. This, however, will depend on the rental shop, and the pricing and availability can make a big difference.

Without disturbing the investor relations within the family, you can see it may work out expensive for the rental cost if you may require it a couple of times per year.

There is still the option to check out the Home Depot and find a suitable chipper that makes sense to add to your equipment, lawn and garden care infantry.

If you choose the right type, you can quickly find that you can even save on the purchase of garden mulch as you can make your own with your new chipper whenever you wish.

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wood Chipper


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